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Hello, I'm William.

Wild animals, wild places, wild people… it seems I need at least two out of three to thrive.

From my earliest memories I’ve had a deep connection with the natural world. Without it I dwindle. As a result, my passion is to produce art that inspires others to seek and experience a deeper connection to the natural world, and hopefully, discover and step into a role of stewardship.

To do that I am compelled from within to travel to wild places, both far and near, and live in the company of both wild animals and wild people. Oddly, it’s how I am at peace, and I want to inspire people to join me on my journey however they can. Long ago someone said something about thinking outside the box. I liked that idea, but it wasn’t enough. So, join me! …and – don’t just think outside the box, LIVE outside the box!